Mobile remains a very competitive business, with major smartphone vendors continually trying to outdo one another and consumers often left doubtful that the latest gadget is really something they need to buy.

Previous mobile competition was all about having the best displays or the fastest processing. Early on-board assistants, such as Siri and Google Assistant, raised the bar and gave us a taste of what was coming. However, these features have become much less differentiated by brand these days. It’s time for the next wave.

The next generation will be about “smart” and is now making its way into our everyday mobile devices. It’s not just about voice interfaces to a search engine or calendar entry, as we’ve had in the past, nor is it about rudimentary augmented reality/virtual reality. We’re now seeing truly smart assistants learning about us and altering the functioning of our device as they go. They have the potential to both dramatically alter how we interact with our devices, as well as how they interact with us. And we’ve just scratched the surface with new visual interactions.

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